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You know Brad Sugars? Some of us are involved in the marketing world or read articles of business magazines might know him. Brad Sugars is the owner of several companies engaged in various fields, USA Entrepreneur magazine columnist, author, and director of the leading business training, ActionCOACH.

Brad is someone who is born for business. Capital is relied upon by Brad is none other than his ability to think creatively in making sales, marketing and lead. He never led a retail store and increased sales by 39% in just 9 months. He also had bought a 33% ownership of a woman with a dress shop did not pay nothing to call. He paid only with a promise to increase sales. Sounds silly right? But what is promised is happening. It increases store sales for 93% in the first 9 weeks. Three months later he sold the ownership and use of funds which he had to increase sales of a pizza business, from which was distributed only to a small cafe, so can be found at any retail stores in Queensland.

Brad Sugars reputation as a business coach is very impressive. Before starting ActionCOACH, Brad took the time to consult with the business. One person who had asked him to provide business training is the author of one bestseller "Rich Dad, Poor Dad", Robert T. Kiyosaki. She invites him to provide training on the seminar in Hawaii in 1994. Since then he started to dedicate himself in the world of business coaching and ActionCOACH in 15 years has spread across Australia, New Zealand, the United States, England, Ireland, Wales, Scotland, Malaysia, Singapore, China, Philippines, Thailand, Canada, and Mexico.

There have been many successful entrepreneurs who bring progress on its business because of the training services provided by Brad. This brought ActionCOACH as a leader in business training services, and create a Brad Sugars included in the list of finalists Stevie Award Winner as chairman of the year. Apart from that, Brad Sugars is also one of the best business choice E-Spy readers, the equivalent of Rupert Murdoch, Henry Ford, Richard Branson and Anita Roddick. Now he will be present in Indonesia. On 26 November 2009, he will share experiences and effective instructions for running a business to those who have big dreams. Visit this link Billionaire in Training if you hesitate to spend itBillionare in Training !

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Selasa 26 November 2009

di Jakarta International Expo, Arena Pekan Raya Jakarta, Kemayoran Hall D1-D2