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Launching BeBlog in Bekasi.Bekasi is a city in West Java province, Indonesia.Launching BeBlog Kota Bekasi The city is located on the east Jakarta; borders the west Jakarta, Bekasi district in the north and east, south of Bogor, Depok and southwest. Bekasi is a city in the region megapolitan buffer Jabotabek than Tangerang, South Tangerang, Bogor, Depok, and Project Management as well as a home base for the commuter who works in Jakarta. Therefore, Bekasi City economy is closely linked to the major cities the other.

Viewed from the contribution of local revenues, the manufacturing industry is the most, followed by trade, hotels, and restaurants. Although few, agricultural land also contributed to APBD Bekasi City. The farmers mainly scattered in the northern city of Bekasi, which is relatively remote to the area around the center of town.

Economic activities in the city of Bekasi is stretched, it is seen from the many malls, shops, banks, and restaurants that stood here. Bekasi city is also a choice for citizens wishing to travel Jabotabek shopping, because here there is the Metropolitan Mall, Mega Hypermal Bekasi, Bekasi Square, Plaza Pondok Gede, Grand Mall, Bekasi Cyber Park, Bekasi Trade Center and so on. Shopping centers such as Carrefour hypermarket, Giant, Makro, Hypermart, etc. are also present in this city.

Luxury housing facilities are also many independent city developed here, such as Kemang Pratama and Harapan Indah. Great Summarecon developer also plans to build an independent city of Bekasi Summarecon 300 ha in North Bekasi.
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Launching BeBlogAbout Bekasi City,some time ago had Launching BeBlog a community blogger bekasi.Bekasi Blogger Community is in direct inaugurated by Mr. Mayor Bekasi, Bpk. H. Mochtar Muhammad on Saturday, October 17th, 2009 in Terrace Gloria Jean's Coffees Bekasi Cyber Park.Comunity formed bekasi city is intended for all levels of the public who are living, born, birth, school, work, or just interested in Bekasi City and its surroundings, either directly or indirectly. through this Bekasi City, is expected to create synergy between the population (community) as a blogger with the Municipality of Bekasi in Bekasi city manager.

In addition, the role of bloggers who will be joined to form the largest community of bloggers in Bekasi city this could be a first step, and alternative media to accommodate suggestions and positive feedback associated with governance is good (Good Corporate Gorvernment / GCG), which could eventually participate in building and promoting the City of Bekasi.