Apple iPad Tablet

Apple iPad TabletFinally, Apple announced a tablet device made on Wednesday (27/1/2010) or Thursday early morning WIT in San Francisco, USA. Apple CEO Steve Jobs appeared on stage to ordain iPad name for the device.

Use the name iPad was previously suspected of a number of names to be limited to the rumors since the last few months. A few days before this launch, Apple iPad request of copyright is now held by Fujitsu to carry one device.

Carrying iPad, Steve Jobs said the device was using IPS 9.7-inch screen, 0.5 inches thick, and weighs 1.5 pounds. Apple processor homemade A4 1 GHz. Battery power for up to 10 hours of active use and a month to standby. Brief looks like the iPhone with a large size. Function did not lose to the notebook to work, accessing multimedia, and surf the web.

Apple iPad provides two variants, each of which has only WiFi and WiFi-equipped GSM and 3G connectivity. It cost 499 U.S. dollar began to 16 GB of memory and WiFi up to 829 U.S. dollars and 64 GB WiFi and 3G.

Inside is iTunes so that users can directly download the application, music, and video. Also supported iWorks applications that have been modified to continue to work optimally on devices with hardware specs that far from the Mac.

However, new innovations are provided in the iPad is the iBook application to read e-books and e-book download directly from the Internet. Apple also announced the iBook Store, a new service similar to iTunes specifically for trading e-book.

For a while, the new iPad available in the U.S., but will begin to be distributed to the whole world in the next 2-3 months. iPad sold without the exclusive cooperation with operators, including the version with 3G SIM cards are unlocked. Special U.S. market, AT & T offers a package of data with special special price iPad.