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Trailer and Review Film 2012

He said the IRA, NASA's Infrared Astronomical Satellite is conducting a survey the sky for 10 months in 1983, found many sources of infrared, but none of them is Nibiru or Planet X or other objects outside the solar system.

"If the signs of new objects in space was not real, or is not a planet, it will not be heard from again. But if real, it will not be referred to as Planet X, "he said.

Morrison said most of the photos and videos on the internet claiming to be from Nibiru features near the Sun, and seemed to support the claim that Nibiru has been hiding behind the sun during the last few years.

"And that's really a false image of the sun caused by internal reflection in the lens, often referred to as lens flare," he said.

He said people can recognize easily from the fact that they appear diametrically opposed to the real solar images, as if reflected in the middle of the picture.

This is especially clear in the video. When the camera moves, fake pictures dancing right across the real image. It is similar to a beacon of light that many of the UFO photos taken at night with strong light sources.

Morrison also rejected claims the government knew about Nibiru, but keep it quiet to avoid panic. He said there are many objectives of the government, but not including the population to keep calm.

He said that social scientists have shown many of the concepts of public panic in Hollywood products. In the real world people have a good record in help each other when in danger.

"I think everyone recognizes that nondisclosure of bad news usually backfire and make matters worse when the facts finally come out. In the case of Nibiru, these facts will be out soon," he added.

He said the government could not keep a secret Nibiru. If the object is there it will be easy to track thousands of astronomers, amateur and professional. And astronomers are scattered around the world.

Then why the Mayan calendar says the world will end in 2012? Morrison said the calendar is only to track the passage of time, did not predict the future.

He said that the ancient calendar of interest to historians, but it does not fit with people's ability today to track time, or sepresisi with the calendar used today.

"The main point is that the calendar, either contemporary or ancient, can not predict the future of our planet or to warn about things that happen on a certain date as in 2012," Morrison said.

"I noticed my desk calendar ends on December 31, 2009, but I do not interpret it as an end. It just shows the beginning of the new year," he said.

Morrison also mentioned there was no meteor crash in 2012. He said the earth is always the victim of comets and asteroids, and large collisions are very rare. The last major impact was 65 million years ago and caused the extinction of dinosaurs.

NASA astronomers are also conducting a survey to find the Spaceguard Survey large asteroid near the earth long before the collision. "We have determined that there was no threat of a large asteroid that killed the same with dinosaurs," added Morrison
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